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Sam Flash Productions is a freelance writing studio, owned and operated by Sam Vlas, specializing in producing stories and concepts for the entertainment industry. Build on and inspired by the magic of the great storytellers of the past, Sam Flash Productions strives to create meaningful and memorable stories that will delight, enchant and inspire your guests or customers.

   Ever since man developed speech, it has told stories. Throughout history, the art of telling stories transformed ordinary people in larger-than-life heroes. It brought whole kingdoms together and ensured the legacy of many great civilizations. Sam Flash Productions believes that a well told story forges a connection between the storyteller and the audience. A connection is achieved if the audience is fully immersed, by means of a memorable story with relatable characters, set in extraordinary worlds.

    Sam Flash Productions believes in the power and magic that stories hold and wants to help you with harnessing this power, in order to forge strong connections between you and your guests. Whether it’s a large theme park, an indie video game or a small mom-and-pop establishment, great stories can be told anywhere.

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Ever since he was a child, Sam Vlas has been telling and absorbing stories, whether it was through the creation of elaborate worlds with LEGO, improvising all kinds of quirky characters to play or reading many classic storybooks. This love for stories is still carrying on throughout his life.

   In 2016, Sam obtained a Bachelor of Communications in International Event, Music and Entertainment Studies from the Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg. One of the major learning experiences from that time was spending six months living and working at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. During his study and after graduation, he worked with several theme park design firms in different positions, but with the same passion for storytelling. In 2017, he wrote his first children’s book, commissioned for the Winterland Oss event, which had a run of 2,500 copies, was entered into the library of Oss and was awarded to the city council.

   Sam Flash Productions is his latest venture, born out of a desire to make storytelling his career and a sincere belief that great stories can be told anywhere.

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Story & Concept Development

Every good story doesn’t just begin with “once upon a time”, but starts with a good idea. Sam Flash Productions can help you get to the core of your story and help you with the development, by means of brainstorm sessions, storyline and concept proposals and visual input, based on your wishes and (desired) identity.

Character Development

Characters in a story are the windows through which we view the world of your story. A fully realized, three-dimensional character forms the emotional component to which the audience will connect. Sam Flash Productions can make elaborate biographies for each character, ensuring that no two encounters will be the same.


Every successful multimedia franchise has one thing in common: a complete and fleshed out story world. By paying close attention to details, the audience gets the feeling that there is more to this story than meets the eye, thus completely immersing them in the world. Sam Flash Productions can help you create or expand the world of your story.

Script & Book Writing

Great script and book writing is essential in bringing the story and characters to life. Each application of the story needs to be well written in order to achieve maximum impact. Sam Flash Productions can help you translate your story to the stage, the screen, the bookshelves and/or the ride.


Tessa Maessen

Communication Manager at Toverland

"Sam heeft op mijn verzoek een karaktervisie voor Toverland geschreven. Hierbij heeft hij op inventieve wijze één geheel gemaakt van alle verschillende thema's en themagebieden. Ook heeft hij een goede basis neergelegd voor alle karakterbeschrijvingen. Sam is gepassioneerd, creatief en werkt alles zeer gedetailleerd uit. Een schrijver / creator ten top!"


Piet van Beurden

Lecturer Copywriting and Concepting

"Kwaliteit tot in de details. Als schrijver en verbazingschetser weet deze jongeheer allen te verrassen. Diepgravende artikelen, uitgebreide karakterbeschrijvingen, meeslepende sprookjes en bezielde concepten. Dat alles met een pagina brede besmettelijke glimlach."

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